Atsuko Fish Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism

Recently, out for a walk along a narrow road on Cape Cod, I passed a family wearing no masks. I asked them, “Where are your masks?” The father turned to me and said harshly, “Go home.” On another occasion I was out walking, followed by young girl on her bike. She asked where I lived, […]

Gender Lens Investing Landscape: East and Southeast Asia | Sasakawa Peace Foundation

In recent years, gender lens investing (GLI) has gained traction globally as leading mainstream investors started to incorporate gender analysis into investment decision making, and as funders began to widely consider women’s entrepreneurship as a key to economic stability and sustainable development. Though still a nascent concept in Asia, GLI has been showing rapid growth […]

Global Gender Gap Report 2020 | World Economic Forum

At the dawn of the 2020s, building fairer and more inclusive economies must be the goal of global, national and industry leaders. To get there, instilling gender parity across education, health, politics and across all forms of economic participation will be critical. Over the past 14 years the Global Gender Gap Index included in this […]

How Is Asia Gender Network Pushing for More Pan-Asian Advocacy?

Originally published on Philanthropy Women, 7 April 2021. AVPN’s Asia Gender Network becomes the first pan-Asian network dedicated to the funding advancement of women and girls. According to recent reports from the World Economic Forum, the world at large is still decades away from achieving total gender equality. In Asia, which holds 60% of the world’s […]